Stilo helmet Trophy DES Offshore

Stilo helmet Trophy DES Offshore

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The  Stilo Trophy DES Offshore offers proven Stilo quality at an excellent price-performance ratio. The Stilo Trophy DES Offshore jet helmet is  equipped with a soft, ergonomically adapted inner lining for particularly high wearing comfort. Fitted as standard with high-quality WRC intercom (compatible with the Stilo WRC and DG amplifiers, as well as with the VerbaCom system). Prepared for the use of HANS clips (not included).

Advice on the fit
Stilo helmets have been shown to be rather small. We therefore recommend adding approx. 1 - 2 cm to the measured head circumference.

composite mix of fiberglass and kevlar

Weight (including intercom) | Sizes *
Small bowl: 1,480 g (+/- 30 gr.) | XS (54), S (55-56), M (57-58)
Large bowl: 1,560 g (+/- 30 gr.) | L (59-60), XL (61-62), XXL (63)

*  Measure your head circumference in cm and read off the correct helmet size.


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