Lifeline fire extinguishing system Zero 360 Fire Marshal

Lifeline fire extinguishing system Zero 360 Fire Marshal

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Fire extinguishing system for sports, touring and rally cars.

Mechanical release
container made of steel.
3 kg NOVEC TM 1230.

The fire fighting gas NOVEC TM 1230 is non-conductive, particularly powerful and can also fight fires outside the direct "sight" of the nozzle. This makes the Lifeline Zero 360 series perfect for use in the professional motorsport world. Only the highest quality materials are used for the construction of the Zero 360 series , as well as for the entire installation kit. The system is therefore suitable for every application in motorsport. Extinguishing systems from the Lifeline Zero 360 range are used by master teams around the world.

Container weight *: 4.5 kg

Dimensions container *: 324 mm x Ø 125 mm

FIA-tested fire extinguishing systems in accordance with Appendix J. Art. 253.7
Complete systems with all necessary installation parts and brackets.

NOVEC-1230 info text 

* The weight and dimensions refer only to the container, without attachments.