Lifeline Zero 2000 + hand extinguisher (mechanical)


ZERO 2000 
fire extinguishing system for sports, touring and rally cars.

Mechanical release
container made of steel.
4 liters AFFF
Incl. Anti-torpedo mount

Container weight *: 7.1 kg
Dimensions container *: 434 mm x Ø 155 mm

With four nozzles in the engine compartment and four more nozzles in the cockpit, the Lifeline Zero 2000 series offers extremely fast fire extinguishing capabilities and heat absorption. An essential part of the Lifeline Zero 2000 system is the specially developed atomizer nozzle, which fragments the foam into tiny particles, smothered the fire with a fine mist, cools the seat of the fire and thus prevents re-ignition.


Hand extinguisher Zero 2000
Manual fire extinguisher acc. Appendix J. Art. 253.7.3

Zero 2000,  2.4 liters AFFF extinguishing agent.
Complete with steel holder and fastening straps with quick release system made of stainless steel.

Available in red and polished aluminum.

Container weight *: 3.53 kg
Dimensions container *: 440 mm x Ø 108 mm

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